The Verago Dressage Saddle


For the rider who prefers a deep seat with a narrow twist and a well supported seat bone area.  Saddle features elite leather. Standard Flap length is 16".


  • "My Trilogy Verago is the best saddle I have ever ridden in! It has helped me find a wonderful connection with my upper-level horse where others have impeded our progress. - Erin of Highland Sport Horses 
  • "I am very excited about my new Verago saddle. I now feel my leg hanging down around my horse’s body in the correct position. I also find that I am able to use my seat more effectively. It’s a change that has made a big difference in my riding." -  Emily C. 
  • "The moment I sat in the Verago Elite saddle I knew it was perfect for me.  My seat bones went right in place and my legs as well." - Cid F, California.