Trilogy Trio

100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil - Use our natural, 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil to water-proof, preserve, lubricate, and soften all leather goods exposed to rugged use. When applied properly, prior to exposure, it will protect against stiffening and help to repel water, resulting in a longer life for your leather. When applied after exposure, it will help to restore dried-out leather to it's softer, more pliable state.


Leather Quencher - Our all-natural conditioner is smooth, non-greasy and it does its job by nourishing leather. Leather needs to be cared for to prevent cracking and becoming brittle. Even the most expensive and finest leather needs to be cared for regularly; that’s why riders are reaching for Quencher, which comes in a 10 ounce jar.

Saddle Soap - Our beautifully fragranced saddle cleaner with goat's milk leaves leather soft, supple, and clean. It is easy to apply and includes all-natural ingredients. You will find that it will not leave a film or residue and your tack will shine. Your leather goods and saddles will love you for it