Meet Our Saddle Fitters: Courtney Peiffer
Trilogy Performance Saddlery fitters specialize in hand-fitting, flocking and providing ongoing client support for their region of the country. Trained by the best in the field and regularly educated through skill-building seminars, fitters are well-equipped with knowledge and passion for helping improve horses and riders.
We want you to learn more about Trilogy's team of fitters! Meet Courtney Peiffer, authorized fitter who services Maryland, South Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia areas.

How did you start out in the equestrian industry?

I have been riding since I was 7 years old, and always knew that I wanted to have horses in my life. I have taught dressage lessons and trained in the past, and more recently in 2015 I became an assistant to my trainer and took on more of a student role. I’ve been learning everything I can about classical dressage and the integration of horse and rider biomechanics.

What inspired you to become a saddle fitter?

The opportunity to become a saddle fitter was a bit of a surprise, but I always had an interest and fascination with saddle fitting. My pony had been labeled by several saddle fitters as “hard to fit,” so I became intrigued with solving the “pony problem” of fitting short backed horses. I still wanted to learn more, and after developing a relationship with Debbie as a client, I got to see first-hand how important educating her clients about the fit of their saddles was to her. I thought, if she educated me this much about saddle fit as a client, imagine how educated her saddle fitters must be! So when the opportunity presented itself, I was excited to be offered the position!

When did you join the Trilogy team?

I started my fitter training in September of 2017.

What specifically makes you proud to be a fitter with Trilogy?  

The enormous amount of time that Debbie spends with each fitter, training and educating us, is unparalleled in the industry. I am so glad to be part of a company that treats each of its employees like family.

What has been one of your most memorable moments working with Trilogy?

I really loved getting together with all of the Trilogy fitters from around the US when we gathered for our educational weekend in April 2018. It was great to meet so many of the other fitters and have the opportunity to participate in educational talks and exercises together. I also really enjoy the one-on-one training time that each of us get to have with Debbie when she comes to visit. Every time she comes, I learn something about fitting that is a little more refined than what I knew before, and I walk away feeling positive and confident. That to me is very memorable and worth a lot.

What do you love about your job with Trilogy?

I am an extremely passionate person, and I could never stand behind a product that I didn’t believe in with every fiber of my being. I love that I get to have a job that I LOVE, and I definitely love being able to use my skills to help others in the horse community here in Maryland.

In your opinion, what makes Trilogy saddles stand out against its competitors?

Trilogy saddles can make anyone a better rider. I have seen it and experienced it first-hand. I have never encountered another saddle that has the ability to help riders not only have better posture and position, but also gives them the support they need to be extremely effective with their aids. I like to say to people that Trilogy saddles support your position and they don’t get in your way. It’s the perfect marriage of stability and freedom. Debbie also went to great lengths to ensure that her saddle designs offered the utmost comfort for the horse. What more can you ask for?

Do you currently own a horse or compete as a dressage rider?

I own one horse, he is a 14.1h Morgan QH cross. We are schooling 3rd level currently, and I hope to earn my USDF bronze medal with him perhaps this year! I am a member of the Potomac Valley Dressage Association (PVDA) here in MD.

If you are interested in learning about career opportunities with Trilogy Performance Saddlery, please email your résumé highlighting professional and equestrian experience to Debbie Witty, Trilogy Performance Saddlery's founder and president, at info@performancesaddlery.com as well as a cover letter explaining why the opportunity would be a perfect career for you.

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